Download trackr! for Java MIDP

 The Java version of trackr! requires:
  • The mobile phone has to support at least Java MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1
Many current mobile phones e.g. Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, etc support Java midlets using MIDP 2.0.

The trackr! Java client is currently still in development and regularly improved. We still would like to give you the opportunity to try trackr! in this early stage. So far users have reported success with the following devices:
  • Nokia E-series (e.g. E50, E61i, E70, etc.)
  • Nokia N-series (e.g. N73, N80, N82, N95, etc.)
  • Nokia 5800
  • Nokia 6110 Navigator
  • Sony Ericsson C702, C905, etc.
We would really like to hear about your experiences with the trackr! Java version. You can post a message on the forum or send us a message directly.

Latest stable version:                    Download trackr! java version 0.3
Latest test version:                        Download trackr! java version 0.4

version 0.4
  • Support for more phones, like the Sony Ericsson C905
  • Possibility to resume the last session
version 0.3
  • improved GPS fix
  • option to switch off recurring confirmation popups after starting trackr! (see the Frequently Asked Questions)
  • improved installation (signed software)
  • 'exit' button

version 0.1.9

  • fixes 'out of memory' issue found on the Nokia N95, which crashed the application after a while.


Install trackr! Java using the Nokia Application Installer (part of the Nokia PC Suite).

After installation, you can find trackr! using 'Menu' -> 'Installations' or 'Menu' -> 'Applications'. After starting trackr! for the first time you will be asked to enter your username and password. Enter the account settings you are already using on the trackr! website. You can also configure the interval used to send data to the server in the 'Settings' menu. As soon as the main screen opens, you can start a session using the 'Start Session' option in the menu.

The current version only supports a part of the functionality of the Windows Mobile Version. Important things to know:

  1. There are 2 ways to use trackr! :
    1. 'live mode': regularly (after a configurable number of seconds) positioning information will be sent to the server (e.g. using GPRS/UMTS). This allows other to follow you in a near realtime way.
    2. 'offline mode': data will not be sent directly but stored on the mobile phone. This data can be submitted lateron.

      Please note: when starting a live session, data will be visible on the website in the 'My live position', 'Position of friends' and 'trackr! on your site' sections. For tracks to show up in the 'Saved tracks' section you have to first send these from the mobile phone using the 'Saved Tracks' menu item (even when using the live mode!).

  2. The application is not 'signed' yet (up to version 0.1.9). This causes a warning message to show up on your mobile phone during installation. Also, after starting the first session, two warnings will appear. One is asking permission to setup an (GPRS/UMTS) Internet connection and one for access to GPS data.

    From version 0.3 and up it is possible to disable the recurring confirmation popups. See the Frequently Asked Questions

  3. You can exit the application using the red 'End Call' button on your mobile phone, or using the exit menu.

  4. Using the Nokia 'menu' button you can return to the mobile phone menu while trackr! remains running in the background (and will still process and send positioning data). You can continue to use your mobile phone and start and receive calls. To return to the trackr! application, push the Nokia 'menu' button for a few seconds. A list of background applications will appear. Choose the trackr! icon to return to trackr!.